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Introducing our sister
company, Born GmbH.

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with our all-encompassing development services. From design to prototyping and series production, we lead the way in textile ingenuity. Explore smart and technical textiles by our developments, using the latest flat knitting machines, advanced software tools and fabrication techniques

Our develop­ment process

Our team is constantly searching for new designs that continually inspire us and our customers. We work with classic materials such as cotton or wool, as well as the latest generations of high-tech yarns including silicone based yarns or electric conductive yarns.

The manufacturing of prototypes allows us to be as flexible as possible in the development process and to optimize material, structural and production parameters. It also provides the basis for close collaboration.

Since we already develop on production machines and consider production parameters from the outset, we can ensure an easy transition to series production. Additionally, we have a reliable in-house production partner through our sister company, Born GmbH.

One Team

Our team comprises young and innovative engineers who collaborate across disciplines to identify all requirements for smart textiles and achieve optimal results in the development process. We value equality, diversity and cosmopolitanism.

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Are you seeking a new challenge and an opportunity for personal growth? Do you want to revolutionize the textile industry by creating high-tech garments and promoting sustainability? Apply now.

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