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Smart Textiles Hub

The Smart Textiles Hub was founded in December 2021 to address the increasing demand for advancements in the field of smart textiles. Located in Dresden, we unite the required expertise from textiles, electrical engineering and software development. Get to know us now.

The start of the Smart Textiles Hub

How the idea originated

The demand for development services in the field of smart and technical textiles has significantly increased in recent years. To handle this demand separately from production at our sister company, we founded the Smart Textiles Hub. The Hub aims to unite all development steps and sub-areas for smart & technical textiles in one place.

In July 2022, when we found the appropriate location on the Zeitenströmung site, we could begin our journey. Here, we combine interdisciplinary expertise with diversity to revolutionize the textile industry.

Bridging experience with innovation

Creating a holistic ecosystem

Our unique selling point is the synergy between our in-house research experience and the extensive knowledge of our sister company in the production of smart and technical textiles. This fusion of innovative strength and experience forms the foundation of our mission and enables us to turn your development goals into reality with unparalleled expertise.

Our broad range of services allows us to combine development and production. We will support you from the initial idea, through the creation of design concepts and prototypes, all the way to series production. Our development phase utilises the same knitting machines as those used in series production, ensuring a seamless and reliable transition.

Come join us on a journey where innovation meets tradition and let’s develop textile intelligence together.

The team

Our team of young and innovative engineers collaborate across disciplines to identify all requirements for smart textiles and achieve optimal results in the development process. We value equality, diversity, and cosmopolitanism.

Network & partners

We bring your ideas
into reality.

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We collaborate with companies in various industries to develop innovative solutions for medical applications, sports, safety, and lifestyle. Let’s talk about your project.