Smart textiles at the berlin fashion week.

On January 17, 2023, we participated in an event during Berlin Fashion Week. The event provided industry leaders, young companies, and interested parties with a variety of discussions, presentations, and workshops. The focus was on the intersection of fashion and the digital world, highlighting both technological advancements and the need for a sustainable future. The […]

Dresden smart textiles hub rethinks technical textiles.

On January 11, 2023, an article about our company and the funding provided by Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH was published on the standort-sachsen website. The article explains our origins, how we are advancing technical textiles, and the potential applications resulting from our work. It also highlights our interdisciplinary expertise and demonstrates, how companies and research institutes can […]

Developing technical textiles in a new way.

In 2023, the Textile Network published an article about our hub, which became one of the top articles. It describes the fundamental challenges in the textile sector and what kind of solutions our concept offers. Together with our sister company, Born GmbH, we can map the entire development process in many areas and support customers […]

(Smart) textile development re-thought.

A short article about the Smart Textiles Hub was published in the 4th issue of the trade journal of the Gesamtverband der deutschen Maschenindustrie  “die masche” in 2022. The article highlights the need for development work in the textile sector, particularly in the area of e-textiles. You can find out how we are solving the current […]

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