Smart textiles at the berlin fashion week.

On January 17, 2023, we participated in an event during Berlin Fashion Week. The event provided industry leaders, young companies, and interested parties with a variety of discussions, presentations, and workshops. The focus was on the intersection of fashion and the digital world, highlighting both technological advancements and the need for a sustainable future.

The workshop session led by H&M Beyond was the highlight of the first day for us. As a team, we analyzed the main aspects of current textile processes and their integrated supply chains. Specifically, we focused on the challenges of developing and producing small batches, and explored innovative solutions during the session. One key aspect of these solutions was promoting greater sustainability in the textile sector.

Later that day, we had the chance to listen to exciting discussions and presentations about the concept of Web 3.0. This concept is revolutionizing the digital landscape through emerging and, in some cases, already established technologies such as blockchain, AI, and the metaverse.

On the second day, we presented on the future of textiles and the interplay between the real and virtual worlds. This explores the potential of intelligent textiles in the fashion industry, which/that can be used in everyday clothing in the future. Intelligent textiles offer a range of possibilities, including light applications that can create new design opportunities. They can also be used in garments to monitor biometric data or adapt to environmental conditions. By integrating new technologies into our textiles, we can improve functionality, aesthetics, efficiency, traceability, and transparency in the textile supply chain.

One overarching theme emerged: the need for collaboration and collective action. In an era of rapid technological advancements and increasing environmental concerns, it is crucial for players across all industries to collaborate and work towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.